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Oud: The Mystic of Agarwood

Oud: The Mystic of Agarwood

Oud, also known as Agarwood in Arabic, is a rare and highly prized dark wood sourced from Southeast Asia. Its distinct scent comes from the natural fungal resin within the tree, giving off a resilient, animalistic, and smoky aroma that has gained a mystical and almost cult-like following across the Middle East. Used in perfumes and incense, Oud sets the stage for spiritual and religious experiences, as scent has long been intertwined with the divine.

Serving as a pathway to moments of relief from our daily routines, scent allows our minds to transcend beyond physical boundaries. Universally loved by cultures spanning generations, Oud is like the truffle of the fragrance world—not just for its rarity and cost, but for its magnetic and ever-evolving scent profile that defies easy description.

Floris has masterfully incorporated this rare and luxurious element into two remarkable fragrances: Honey Oud and Leather Oud. The captivating essence of Oud takes center stage, harmoniously blending with the delicate, floral sweetness of English honey and the robust, earthy aroma of leather. These contrasting elements intertwine seamlessly, united by the seductive, alluring, and enigmatic allure of Oud fragrance.

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Leather Oud

The perfumery team at Floris embraced the opportunity to work with this intoxicating ingredient to create a scent that is opulent and deep in character, set upon a warming amber and vetiver base, to create a long-lasting scent profile.

Leather is associated with military, hard work and physical prowess, essentially masculine at its core, plays the leading role in fragrance, followed by a warming heart of oud & patchouli, with a touch of geranium, and clove scented carnation, placed upon an oud base for added depth.



Bergamot | Leather


Carnation | Geranium | Oud | Patchouli


Oud | Vetiver | Woody Amber

Honey Oud

Honey Oud takes inspiration from Baklava, an intricate Middle Eastern dessert delicately made with layers of pastry infused with honey and vanilla. This gourmand scent is layered with English honey upon vanilla base, traditionally the finest pods hail from the Comoro islands, that neighbour Madagascar. Combined, they accentuate the subtle rose at the heart of this complex fragrance, which is the perfect balance of sweet honey and robust oud.



Bergamot | Honey


Oud | Patchouli | Rose


Amber | Labdanum | Oud | Musk | Vanilla


Floris has a selection of fragrances that contain notes of Oud, each one gently balanced and nuanced. 

A Rose For...

Modern and intense, this fragrance presents a bold rose intertwined with spicy, orris, and woody notes, guiding the wearer on a unique romantic adventure.

At its core, the fragrance features a prominent red rose delicately enveloped in incense, oud, and orris. The base notes of patchouli, sandalwood, and amber provide warmth, strength, and sophistication, adding depth to the scent.


A vibrant, woody fragrance begins with a lively burst of juniper, accompanied by refreshing citrus hints of mandarin and bergamot. These elements harmonize with rich floral scents of jasmine and lavender, intertwined with deeper notes of orris and oud. As the fragrance evolves, the woody and spicy essences deepen, evolving into a warm and sensual blend, reminiscent of the meticulous artistry of exquisite tailoring.

Oud and Cashmere

A delicate citrus essence dances alongside the bold spiciness of black pepper, cardamom, and clove bud.

At its core, almond notes embrace while hints of rare oud impart an exotic depth. As the fragrance settles, musk, cashmere, vanilla, and amber intertwine, yielding a multifaceted yet soothing aroma.

Radiating elegance and warmth, the Oud and Cashmere home fragrance collection effortlessly fosters a inviting ambiance in any living space.

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