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How to Choose a Signature Scent: A Guide for Luxury Fragrance Enthusiasts

How to Choose a Signature Scent: A Guide for Luxury Fragrance Enthusiasts


Choosing a fragrance for yourself or a loved one can be a confusing and slightly overwhelming experience. The range of scents, variations can lead to a perplexing and daunting task of deciding.

This guide is written to streamline and ease the process of finding a scent that you or your dear one will truly love and appreciate.

It is important to note that perfume is very personal and how it sits on the skin is unique as each and everyone of us. Testing on the skin is recommended before purchasing a full-size vessel.

The Fragrance Wheel is divided into Citrus, Floral, Woody & Amber, sitting within each of these are facets, combinations of the anchor scent and an accompanying note of either, Marine, Green, Fruity, Chypre or Fougere for example.

Deciding the Fragrance family first and then choosing the facet that you prefer is a good starting point, then comparing a couple of perfumes within this range is an ideal way to fine tune your selection.

Floris has a comprehensive selection of artfully crafted scents. 


Zesty, fragrant, fresh, uplifting, energising - Citrus is a primary ingredient in many perfumes, used widely since the 14th century. Lemons, Limes, Bergamot are the famous three ingredient in this fragrance family. The perfect antidote in hot weather, Citrus scents have a universal appeal and can be worn all year round creating a permanent sunshine state of mind. 


Flowers are the cornerstone of perfumery. A wild variety of scent, shape, size and colour. Petals, leaves, stems and roots have all been used as extraction processes have evolved. Floris has had a lover affair with flowers from the very beginning.  


Wood is traditionally associated with the masculine. Strong, robust, and hardy, wood gives a strong base to build on in perfumery and serves as a grounding influence. Dive into Floris's array of Woody fragrances. 


A warming embrace of cashmere, snug and comforting these scents are warmth personified. Initially becoming popular in Parian during the 19th century.

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